Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gravitational Attraction by Angel Martinez

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: {M/M} Science Fiction
Rating: Golden Blush Award
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx  
Trained as a fighter pilot, Isaac Ozawa is the only Hermes crew member forcibly discharged from the military. A flawed implant operation has rendered Isaac too unstable to pilot a space ship. But as the communication officer for the Hermes, a non-military cargo ship, Isaac is a benefit. Especially in the search and rescue of Turk, a Corzin warrior who has been surgically enhanced by the military.

Gravitational Attraction is a hang-on-to-your-seat powerful action space adventure with a little romance on the side. The tough-as-nails characters are exceedingly convincing. The creative settings are partly in space and part on Turk’s home planet. From the moment Turk was rescued, Isaac felt an unexplained connection with the man and felt compelled to stay close. Turk also was feeling the invisible connection with Isaac. However, Turk recognizes that Isaac is his soul mate. Isaac and Turk’s hearts beat as one. They find peace and comfort only in each other’s arms. The whole plot is fascinating; I particularly enjoyed the characters’ good-natured verbal interactions, the illustration of honor, as well as the total acceptance of worthy people into the Corzin family units. Of course there must be a villain; in this plot it is a psychotic, sinister menace to everyone.

Angel Martinez has created a magnificent saga blending intense conflict, humor, poetic sensuality along with compassion. Gravitational Attraction is absolutely a must read for all M/M science fiction fans.  

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